Week of January 15 - 21: Use New Service Descriptions Immediately

The following improvements to the new version of WORK were released to all customers during the week of January 15-21, 2017. Remember to come back during the week to check more of what's improved.

January 17, 2017

Use New Service Descriptions right away. When creating a new Service Description for a new Job Type, users are now able to select the new Service Description without having to exit the Job creation window.

We are cleaning up the Tax List. We know how some of our customers have to update their Tax Rates a few times during the year. We have removed all inactive Tax Rates from the drop down list when adding New Items to an Invoice.




  • Fixed an issue where the add Job Modal still displays after adding a New Client, Site and Contact and refreshing the page.


  • Fixed an issue where weekly and monthly job recurrences are not being saved correctly.


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