Will a price increase affect my previous Invoice amounts?

No. Any item that is already added to an invoice before the price is adjusted (increased or decreased), will retain the original item price on the invoice.

Any adjustments in item price will only reflect on invoices if/when:

  • the item was added to the invoice after the price was adjusted on the inventory list
  • the item with the non-adjusted price is removed from the invoice, then re-added after the price adjustment was made in inventory
  • the invoice with the non-adjusted price is deleted, and re-generated after the item price is adjusted in inventory

This also applies to Quotes that include the items with adjusted prices. Items in Quotes that were created and converted into jobs before the price adjustment will retain the original price, unless any of the above steps are done.

Once the item price is adjusted in the Inventory, all new Invoices and Quotes created from this date onward will reflect the new price.

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