How do I Delete a Recurring Job?

You can delete a Job recurrence altogether if, for any reason, the Job does not need to continue beyond a certain date and the recurrences have already been created.

When deleting a Recurring Job, the deletion process must be done on the parent or originating Job. To find he parent jobs easily from the main list, you can add either the "Recurring" or "Recurrence End" columns to your list. 

These columns will help you identify and locate the parent jobs. In this example, the parent job is Job Code#128.


To end or delete a Recurring Job

  • Select the parent job from your main list.
  • Once you have the Job record open, go to the Scheduling section and click "Delete recurrence".


  •  A confirmation message will display on your screen to make sure you would like to proceed with the deletion.

  • Upon confirming OK, all child jobs in the series will be deleted.
  • Only child jobs that have a Start Date scheduled in the future AND have a status of Not Dispatched will be deleted.
  • If there are child jobs that have a status other than Not Dispatched, the status will need to be changed first before they can be deleted.


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