Week of February 5 - 11: Remember Search filters on the Client Record

The following improvements to the new version of WORK were released to all customers during the week of February 5-11, 2017. Remember to come back during the week to check more of what's improved.

February 9, 2017


More Search filters remembered. When opening a Job, Invoice or Quote record via the Client record, search filters will be remembered after you have opened a record, and then closed out of it.

Performance enhancements. More back-end processes improvements  have been applied to  make sure there are no delays in the page loading when using the Create a Job function from Dashboard.



  • Fixed an issue in Clients where the search filters are not working for Work Items>Quotes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Document counter was not being displayed in Quotes. 
  • Fixed an issue where erroneous footer information was displaying on the Quickbooks Invoice default template.


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