Week of February 12 - 18: Improvements to Action Buttons and Items list

The following improvements to the new version of WORK were released to all customers during the week of February 12-18, 2017. Remember to come back during the week to check more of what's improved.

February 16, 2017


Better visibility to item names.

We have made 2 enhancements to the way that you view your items when adding them to a Job invoice:

  1. Item names are now displayed in alphabetical order when viewing adding them to an invoice. This makes it easier to find an item from your list. Also when searching for an item, results will display the most relevant items in alphabetical order 
  2. Load more items to the list. The drop-down list will display 25 items at a time, but you can load more items as needed. Remember: You can also do a keyword search if you would like to bypass the manual page load.



QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Sync. QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise version year 2017 are now fully supported by the Fleetmatics WORK sync. Check out our other QuickBooks guides for more details on how to set up the sync.

Planned Fleetmatics WORK site maintenance. We have a system maintenance scheduled for this Saturday, February 18th, from approximately 3AM-6AM EST. During this brief period, the admin portal and the mobile app will not be available for service.  We encourage you to plan ahead for this time and update work schedules, dispatching and accounting data sync in advance. 



February 13, 2017


Call to action buttons are easier to find.

We moved the Preview and Email Job Card buttons on a Job Card, Quote Card and a Purchase Order from the top banner to the Details section. 

Job Card:


Quote Card:


Purchase Order:

Please note: The call to action buttons on the Purchase Order will display in their new positions in the Billing Details section of a Job.

View/Edit Job Details when scheduling a Task. You can now open a Task from the Scheduler, then view/edit the main Job Details. After saving the details, the workflow brings you back to the original Task.


  • Fixed an issue where the date is being cleared when the time is cleared. This applies to any area that has a date/time-picker.

  • Fixed an issue where the user is prompted to Save changes when clicking on Recur this Job even if no changes are made.
  • Fixed an issue where the Job Status is not correctly updated when using the Status button on the main Jobs list.
  • Fixed an issue for specific customers affected by the error messages when processing Stripe payments.
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