Why can't I see my preferred QBO Income Account when syncing?

This is a known issue during the Sync set-up where not all of the QuickBooks Online accounts are displayed on the drop down list. This is caused by a pagination issue that limits the number of accounts displayed. When this happens, follow these steps:

1. Go to Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks (Transactions> Chart of Accounts).

2. Locate the account that needs to be selected during the sync. This applies to Invoice account, Items account and payments account.

3. Rename the account and include "A_" in the beginning, i.e.,  "Undeposited Funds" will be renamed to "A_Undeposited Funds". Save the new names.

4. Go back to Fleetmatics Sync page, and refresh (F5). The renamed accounts should be displayed on the lists.


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