Week of April 30 - May 6: Faster Way to Create Jobs

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of April 30th - May 6th. 


Faster Way to Create Jobs
There's a better way to create jobs when you are short on time. And you can do it in 3 simple steps! Here's how - 

1. Select Create a Job. 

You can quickly create jobs from the Jobs List or the Scheduler. 



2. Fill in the job details.

Enter basic job information including client and job details. Then, schedule and dispatch to a fieldworker.



3. Choose to save. Or, add more detail.

When you're finished, click Save & Close.


Need to add more info? Click Save & Add Detail to display the full screen.



More Improvements to Invoicing

1. Updates to Invoice Creation
There's now a prominent call-to-action button called Create Invoice, which will make it quicker for customers to create invoices without Items. 

2. Updates to Email and Download Calls-to-Action
The Email and Download Preview buttons have been updated to Email Invoice and Download PDF. The calls-to-action names are much clearer and speak to the next action a user would take.





Items created in Purchase Orders are now named correctly.

Duplicating Items in Purchase Orders no longer causes long loading times.

Correct job type rates are now being assigned to fieldworkers.

Status is now updated when updating fieldworkers on the Jobs List.

Date picker is now visible on smaller screens.

Jobs list now loads in IE 11.

Pop up no longer appears when selecting Main Contact box under Clients.

Error no longer appears when filtering jobs with no fieldworker and selecting export.

Placement of validation message near Start and End Times in the Scheduling section is now updated.

Valid data is now displayed when hovering over New Clients graph on the Dashboard.

New jobs created no longer receive the wrong Job Status. 


Release 4.2.39

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