Week of April 16 - 29: Preview & Send Invoices All in the Same Step

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of work on April 20, 2017.

It's Easier to Preview & Send Invoices

Customers can now preview and send invoices on the same screen. Here's how you can do it - 

1. Open a job.


2. Select Billing Details.


3. Select Invoice.


4. Select Preview & Send.


5. View your invoice and choose to send an email to your client, all in one step.


The following issues were resolved:

  • Issue with search functionality on the Scheduler not returning the correct results
  • Issue where adding Items to Purchase Orders caused users to overwrite existing Item names
  • Issue with Paid column on the Jobs List not updating after a payment was deleted
  • Issue where non-UTC time zones were displayed incorrectly on the Scheduler

Release 4.2.38

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