How do I find my "parent" jobs?

Since recurrence patterns must be edited from the "Edit Recurrence" window on a parent job, being able to easily find parent jobs is important. There are three ways to easily locate your parent jobs:

1. Jobs List Filter:

To find parent jobs from the main Jobs list, filter jobs by "Recurring" and click "Apply." Parent Jobs will appear on the list.

2. The "Recurring" column

From your Jobs List, add the "Recurring" column from the gears icon, located at the top-right of your list. "Recurring" columns will have a checkmark, indicating its Parent Jobs status.

3. By Job Code:

Parent jobs can also be identified by their non-decimal Job Code. By contrast, Jobs with decimals (ex. Job 104.2) indicate a child job -- with the decimal indicating which number it is in the pattern (ex. 104.2 would be the 2nd recurrence for Job 104).  

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