How do I edit my Recurring Jobs?

Recurring Jobs can be edited:

  • Individually, for a specific child Job  OR
  • For all recurrences 

Editing Individual Jobs

  • Must be done on the specific child Job itself
  • Will not carry-over to other child Jobs in the pattern
    • You are editing one Job only 
  • Will not change your pattern
    • Ex. A weekly Job, moved to the week following, will not automatically move all other recurrences "ahead" one week 

Examples of when you should edit an individual child job:

  • Adjust the Fieldworker, due to availability
  • Adjust the time or day, due to a Client requesting a change or weather conditions
  • Change the instructions for a particular job in the pattern

Learn how to edit individual Jobs.


 Editing all Recurring Jobs

  • Must be done from the originating parent Job, by clicking "Edit Recurrence."
  • Will update only the pattern, time and Fieldworker on its child jobs
  • Will delete your existing recurrences, and reschedule them based on the new pattern you create

Examples of when you should edit all Recurring Jobs: 

  • Adjust the Fieldworker assigned to all undispatched occurrences 
  • Adjust the time or day of all undispatched jobs in a pattern, due to a Client requesting a change.
  • Make changes to job instructions, job location, contact etc. that you want to copy to all undispatched occurrences

Learn how to edit all recurring jobs. 

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