How do I switch from MYOB desktop to MYOB online?



Here's what to expect when switching from an MYOB desktop to MYOB online solution (the new AccountRight):


Follow these 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Ensure your outgoing MYOB desktop solution is up-to-date, by syncing WORK with MYOB one last time. Let us know if you'd like help, by contacting us.

  2. Upgrade to the MYOB online solution by contacting MYOB's Customer Support Team. Upgrades usually take a couple of hours (depending on your company file size), and you can't make changes to your file during this time, so you should do it outside of business hours. To ensure all data is synced, it's also not advised you create any new Clients, Invoices or Payments in WORK until the migration is complete.

  3. You can now uninstall WORK's MYOB Desktop Application ("the connector") from your computer, since WORK doesn't require this application for syncing with MYOB's online solution. 

  4. Once your MYOB online account is setup, connect WORK and the MYOB online solution from WORK's Settings page. Let us help you here, too.

Get to know: MYOB online

With MYOB online, you can:

  • Choose to sync...
    • Clients 2-ways
    • Clients 2-ways and Invoices 1-way from WORK to MYOB
    • Clients 2-ways, Invoices and Payments 1-way from WORK to MYOB
  • Sync data automatically every 10 mins, with the option to manually sync if needed

NOTE: Some MYOB features, such as multi-currency support, may not be supported in both the desktop and online versions. Check out MYOB's list of things you should know before upgrading or contact MYOB Customer Care, if you have any questions.


Additional Resources:

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