Week of May 14 - 20: Renamed Billing Details Tab

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of May 14th - 20th. 


Billing Details Tab Renamed Invoicing & Payments

In Jobs, the name of the Billing Details tab is renamed Invoicing & Payments, which makes it much clearer about the actions you can take from the tab.

NOTE: In this renamed tab, you'll see that the Miscellaneous Purchases section appears by default, and allows you to add new Miscellaneous Purchases directly from this section.



Zoom-in on Invoices
It's now easier to read pricing and customer details on Invoices by zooming-in from the Preview & Send window.




Jobs per Fieldworker report displays correct results when users select multiple jobs and fieldworkers in their selected date range.

Equipment Details no longer displays an ‘Invalid Date’ message in the date fields.

Customer Portal now displays more than 25 invoices by using the dropdown at the bottom of the page.

When exporting clients in CSV format, special characters are now correctly handled.

Scheduled Date filtering option now defaults to the users time zone. 

Error no longer appears when uploading the Client Statements template in Settings.

Users can now update Clients when Client Type is deleted in Settings.

When adding a contact to a Client, the country dropdown now displays countries in alphabetical order.


4.2.41 - 4.2.42

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