Week of June 18 - July 1: New Save Options on Job Records

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of June 18th - July 1st.


New Save Options on Job Records

Now, you can Save your job details and continue editing without closing the Job. Or, choose to Save, Notify & Close to save, send notifications and close the job, all in one click.



New Way to Create Jobs on Quotes

The new job creation workflow is accessible from the Quotes tab, making it faster to create jobs with just the necessary information.



New SMS Merge Field

You can now add “Client Contact Last Name” in text messages to customers. It can be added to your template via Settings > Document Templates > SMS and Email Notifications. 




The Add Auto Labor button within a Job now displays the correct labor rate, even if a fieldworker is deleted.

If Start and Finish Questions on a Job have been answered and saved, they will now appear when the Job is reopened.

Start and Finish Questions now display for Tasks that are created from the Scheduler.




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