Week of June 11 - 17: Improvements to Recurring Jobs

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of June 11th - 17th. 


Recurring Jobs - 90-Day Viewing Window

Currently, you can set the window for how far in advance you want recurring jobs to generate (in Settings > Jobs and Quotes > Recurring Job Creation). The maximum allowable limit for this is 90 days. We’ve improved the experience so that a message clearly displays if a number higher than 90 is entered.


Learn more about Recurring Jobs




Document templates that are named using an apostrophe, will now be available for use.

Timesheet reports export all rows, rather than leaving some behind. 

Images on the Invoice preview no longer appear stretched.

New Zealand users no longer experience inconsistent Invoice dates on Jobs. 

Contact information displays correctly when added to the Contact column on the Jobs list.

When hovering-over the revenue amount on the Dashboard chart, the number now displays with two decimal places - instead of 5


Recurring Jobs

Edit parent and child jobs without affecting the dates, times or fieldworkers on future occurrences, unless done from the “Set Recurrence” window

Child jobs are now always created based on data specified from the “Set Recurrence” window

Child jobs can now be deleted without affecting the remaining pattern

Duplicate child jobs will no longer be created in error

The recurring sequence will no longer stop or skip days unexpectedly



4.2.47 -


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