Week of May 28 - June 3: New Invoice Date Column

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of May 28th - June 3rd.


Invoice Date Column
There’s a new Invoice Date column available on the Jobs List. Now, you can easily see when clients were invoiced. NOTE: This new column is hidden until it’s selected.



Job Creation Improvements on Dashboard & Quotes
The new way to create jobs is accessible from the Dashboard & Quotes, making it easier and faster to create jobs with just the necessary job information.



“Job Successfully Created” Message
A new message is displayed after jobs are created using the new job workflow, so you know that your information is saved.


Faster Client Search
When creating new jobs, you'll experience an increase in speed when searching for existing clients.




When jobs are created from the Scheduler, the default job duration is now applied to the Job.

When fields are de-selected from Equipment Settings, those fields are now removed from Equipment.

QuickBooks Sync users no longer experience issues when Jobs are created without a Job Type.

When searching for client addresses longer than 17 characters, users no longer receive an error message.

Users can now create duplicate finish questions with the same text and display alert.



4.2.44 - 4.2.45


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