Week of July 2 - July 8: Updates to Latitude & Longitude

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of July 2nd - July 8th. 


Latitude & Longitude Updates

Currently, the latitude and longitude coordinates are automatically generated based on a Clients address. You can update the address at any time, but latitude and longitude coordinates do not recalculate.

With this update, the latitude and longitude coordinates will now recalculate after changes to an address are made. The coordinate fields will also now remain read-only to avoid manual changes to the coordinates themselves.

If you would like to set latitude and longitude coordinates manually – for instance, to direct a fieldworker to an obscure location like an oil rig or street sewer, there is now a new setting for this scenario. You can make the latitude and longitude fields editable, instead of read-only, by changing your settings in Settings > Client Settings > Customize Client View > Site Location Settings. This new setting will apply to all sites in WORK. Once enabled, coordinates will NOT automatically generate, or update when an address is changed.

Default Setting (read-only, automatically updated)


Update Settings


Manual Setting (editable, NOT automatically updated)


New Job Creation Workflow from Duplicate Button
The new way to create jobs is now available when selecting the Duplicate call-to-action on the Jobs List, making it easier and faster to create Jobs with sufficient detail.




Recurring Jobs window in Settings > Job and Quote Settings > Recurring Job Creation no longer accepts a blank field or the value zero.

Custom reports created with a job code field now sort correctly.

Custom reports created with start/end times now sort correctly.

Google Autocomplete will no longer prevent users from seeing the full Items dropdown list and scrollbar.

Invoices and Job Cards can now be downloaded from the Invoicing & Payments tab in IE.

Moving Quotes on the Scheduler no longer moves the time 12 hours forward for AUS users.

Times on Jobs list no longer randomly update based on users time zone.

Customers will notice that the quote template selected by the user will remain selected regardless of adding additional items to the Quote.

Item Names no longer clear when the Part Number field is filled in.


4.2.49 -


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