Week of July 23 - 29: Updates to Invoice Time & Quote Type Relabeled

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of July 23rd - 29th.


Invoice Time

Invoice time and dates will now display for all Admins in their local time zone, as defined in Settings. If an Admin updates or adjusts his/her time zone, the Invoice time and date will now be properly converted.

Fix for page “jumping” after clicking certain buttons and tabs

There are a handful of interactions in WORK that caused a user’s screen to “jump” to a new area of the page. These areas throughout Jobs, Tasks and Clients have now been resolved, and the user’s position on the page will not change.

Relabeling of “Quote Type” to “Quote Description”
Quote Type in WORK will now be labeled as Quote Description. This improvement helps better align the feature with its counterpart in Jobs (Job Description), while distinguishing it from a Job Type. As a reminder, the Job and Quote Description dropdowns allow Admins to select pre-written text to insert into these fields.



  • Fixed issue to ensure the Job number, Client Name and Job Details will be sent to the correct Client when sending Invoices to multiple Clients at one time. 
  • Fixed issue to ensure duplicate Jobs and Sub-Jobs will always be created with the date and time based on today, or as indicated in default Settings (Job Settings > Default Job Settings > Start/Finish Time + Duration.)
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases customers were able to create two Invoices with the same Invoice Number.


 4.2.53 - 4.2.54

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