Week of August 6 - 12: Notable Bug Fixes

The following fixes were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of August 6th - August 12th.


  • Fix to ensure that when blank latitude and longitude coordinates are imported, the fields remain blank.
  • Fix to ensure that prices displayed per item in the Quote Card, match the prices displayed on the Quote page.
  • Fix to ensure that the selected Quote template is applied, when the Quote template is downloaded.
  • Fix to ensure that the Tax is applied to the Purchase Order Preview and Email pop-up windows in Jobs.
  • Fix to ensure that duplicate recurrences are no longer generated, when a recurrence pattern is deleted or new pattern is created.
  • Fix to ensure that batch invoices are sent in one email as a single attachment, instead of a series of emails with attachments.


4.2.57 - 4.2.58

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