Week of August 13 - 19: Improvements to Error Messages

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of August 13th - August 19th. 


Improved Error Handling

We've improved how we present error messages in Clients and Jobs. There’s a new notification that appears when an Admin selects Save, and fields that are marked with an (*) are not filled in. This new message makes it clearer to Admins which details are needed in order to successfully save their information.

Create New Client 


Edit Existing Client 


Edit Existing Job


Updated Position for Job Card Buttons

The Job Card Download and Preview & Email buttons now appear at the top of the Job Record, to increase visibility and align with enhancements to this area coming soon. 


Updated Positions for Email Invoice & Download PDF Buttons

The Email Invoice and Download PDF buttons in the Invoicing & Payments section of the Job Record have swapped positions. This slight change aligns with the Job Card buttons above it, which provide similar actions.





Customers that select Forgot Password on the Login page, and double-click on the new password sent via email, can now copy that password correctly into the Password field when logging in.


4.2.59 - 4.2.60

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