Week of August 20 - 26: Quickly Change Your Job Card Template

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of August 20th - 26th. 


Quickly Change Your Job Card Template
In order to save time and reduce steps taken to update templates, Admins can now change their Job Card template on-the-fly, right from the Jobs List or the Job Record.

Job List
From the Jobs List, select a job. If the Admin has more than one template, a dropdown will appear. Select Download to view the Job Card.


Job Record
From the Job Record, Admins can change their template from the dropdown, and choose to Download or Email the Job Card to a client.


More Error Handling Improvements
There's a new notification that appears in Quotes and Tasks when there are scheduling or travel duration errors. This message makes it clearer to Admins which details need to be corrected in order to successfully save their information.







  • Fix to ensure that when the custom date field is used that the Job Card format is displayed correctly.
  • Fix to ensure that the total is populated in the Non-Billable Cost field on the Profitability Report, when there is a job with Non-Billable Costs.
  • Fix to ensure that when a customer receives a validation error when editing a Fieldworkers Clock-In/Out information, that the "X" to close the message is visible.
  • Fix to ensure that when an Admin exports jobs, they are exported in the Admins local time zone instead of UTC.
  • Fix to ensure that when adding a comment in Quotes, there is a grey border around the comment box.
  • Fix to ensure that Admins can create a Site while creating a new Quote.

4.2.61 - 4.2.62 - 4.2.63

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