Week of August 27 - September 2: Recur Jobs "Forever"

The following improvements were released to all customers using the new version of WORK during the week of August 27th - September 2nd. 


Recur Jobs "Forever"

Admins can set up Recurring Jobs with no end date, meaning they will recur “forever.” This will allow Admins to set recurrence patterns once without taking the extra steps to monitor and extend them later. Admins can do this by simply leaving the end date field blank in the Set Recurrence pop-up window. 

Although jobs will recur indefinitely, they’ll only be created and visible up to a max of 90 days in the future, and this restriction will be applied when new/future recurring patterns are created. Admins can adjust this 90 day limit from Settings > Job and Quote Settings > Recurring Job Creation.




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