How do I create a new Fieldworker?

A "Fieldworker" profile is used to log into the WORK mobile app. Through the app, Fieldworkers can accept jobs and view other job details from the field.

Each employee who gets assigned to a job needs to have a Fieldworker profile created for them. Without a Fieldworker profile, they will not be able to log in to the app and access the jobs dispatched to them.


To add Fieldworkers, go to Settings > Team Settings > Users.

On the Users page click Create New User in the upper left and select Create New Field User.

This will bring up the Add New Field User screen. 

There are 3 different types of Field Users that can be selected under User Type using the flyer buttons.

  • Fieldworker who will have access to the Fieldworker app to be able to do jobs that are assigned and dispatched to them. You will be charged for an additional Fieldworker License for each Fieldworker over your Fieldworker Minimum.
  • Crew Leader who will have access to the Fieldworker app to be able to do jobs that are assigned and dispatched to them. This user will also be able to clock in any Crew Members that are on their Crew.  You will be charged for an additional Fieldworker License for each Crew Leader over your Fieldworker Minimum.
  • Crew Member who are able to be assigned to Crews and be clocked in and out by a Crew Leader. Crew Members cannot have jobs assigned to them and will not have Fieldworker App access. If a licensed Fieldworker is downgraded to a Crew Member, his/her login ID and passwords are automatically disabled. This can only be done if no Jobs have been assigned to the Fieldworker. You will NOT be charged for an additional Fieldworker License for each Crew Member.

After you have chosen your User Type you will enter your Fieldworker’s information.  You are required to add a First Name, a Last Name, an Email, a Login, a Password, User Code, and select a Time Zone.  For Crew Members you are not required to fill in Last Name, Login, and Password.

You can toggle to see or hide the password by clicking on the eye icon in the Password field.

Other fields you will see for a Field user are:

  • Crew will allow you to select a Crew Member or Leaders crew. To learn how to make crews please click here.

  • Alert By will select how a Field User will be alerted when a job is dispatched to them

  • Job Type will select the types of jobs that the Field User will show up for when creating a job.

  • Tax Number is where you can enter a tax number for your Field User.

  • Warehouse will let you select what Warehouse your Field User can pull items from.

  • Tag will let you select a Fieldworker tag that can be used to sort the Scheduler. To learn more on Fieldworker Tags please see the Fieldworker Tag section bellow.

  • Receive Calendar Event will allow the Field User to receive Outlook Calendar events for the jobs that are dispatched to them.

After you have entered all of your user’s information click Save, which will bring you back to the User’s page.  You can also click Save and Add Details which will bring you into the users Field User Info page.

Adding and Reviewing User Details

At the top of the Field User Info page there are a number of tabs.

  • Details is where you can view and edit the user information.
  • Clock-In/Out is where you can view, create and edit Field User Clock in and out information. To learn more on how to edit this information please see below.
  • Labor Rate & Cost will allow you to set a rate per hour for your Field User as well as a Cost per hour to you and a Tax Rate for your labor charges.
  • Leave Details is where you can add and view the times that your user is on Leave. Please see scroll down in this document to learn more on Leave.
  • Documents is where you upload documents that pertain to your users. Please scroll down in this document to learn more about
  • Audit History is where you can keep track of who creates and edits the User.

Once you are satisfied with the edits you have made to the user you can click Save in the lower right.

You can access the User Information screen again by clicking View next to the User’s name.

Adding Documents to Users

The documents upload is so you have the ability to add any important paperwork and details that you feel should be saved in the User’s profile.

You can upload a document by first clicking View for the desired user in the Users section of your Settings.

Once you have opened the user’s details click on the Documents Tab.

To Upload a new document click on the orange Upload button.  This will open your file explorer window so you can select a file from your computer to upload.

After the file is uploaded it will appear on the list of Documents.

If you would like to remove the document click the check mark next to the document name and click the Remove button.


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