Create Custom Reports

The Fleetmatics Work Admin has a powerful feature called Custom Reports.
Custom Reports allow you to create custom reports drawing from the data in your Fleetmatics account.
This tutorial will explain how to create a Custom Report in your account.

Locating the reports

From the Main Menu, choose:
Reports and from My Custom Reports select Create New.
Initially, there will be no links to documents under My Custom Reports; this is where your newly created reports will be saved.


The Layout of Custom Reports

In the new report window you can:

  1. Name your new report
  2. Choose a Category (Jobs, Clients, Inventory, Quotes) to report on
  3. Add the Fields to your report.
    Fields are basically the column headings in your report.
  4. Add any filters to filter the results
    eg. Filter the report by a date range
  5. Add any Sorting level
    eg. Sort results by Job# Descending
  6. The 'Delete', 'Save' and 'Generate Report' buttons
  7. Export the report to PDF, Xls, Slsx and Csv formats



Field List


Above you can see a preview of the field list.
- You can choose your report column headings from this list
- Also the report filters can be set from this list.

Example : Revenue Per Month Report - Setup


Above we have created a new report template for 'Revenue Per Month'

  1. Shows the Fields we have included in the report. We have chosen to 'Group By' the Client Name
  2. Added Filter for Date Range. Note we are setting a filter for a range, hence the same field 'Start Date Time' is used twice with separate Start & Finish Date.
  3. Added a Filter for 'Invoiced'. Means we only want in results the jobs which have been invoiced and exclude any in progress, non dispatched jobs etc.
  4. Once your template is setup, click 'Save' and then Generate Report
  5. Also note that each time you make any changes to the Filter, click the arrow button to save the new filter value, then save & generate the report as in step 4.

Example : Revenue Per Month Report - Output



Export to PDF / Excel Formats

To export the report:

  1. Choose the output format, PDF / Excel
  2. Hit the Save icon to export it to your computer



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