How do I create a Quote?

A quote can help you give your customers an idea of how much a job is going to cost before you create an actual job.  You can also create a job directly from a quote.

Creating a New Quote

To start you will want to select Quotes at the top of your Dashboard.

In the upper right hand corner of the Quotes page you will find Add Quote.  Click this to add a new quote.

First you will want to choose a Client to create a quote for.  You can search through your existing clients or add a new client by clicking the “+” button located next to the Client drop down.  Clicking View will allow you to view the client record in more detail and make any changes necessary. 

If you click Search Client you will be able to search through your clients by Client Name, Address, Post Code, Phone, Email, Suburb, Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Contact Mobile Phone, Company Code, Site name, and Site Address.

Once you have selected a Client, the appropriate address and contact information should auto populate. 

If you would like to select a Site you can click the drop down located at the top of the right column and select a preexisting site or you can click the “+” button located to the right of the drop down to add a new site.

If you would like to select a Contact you can click the drop down located just under the Site drop down to select a preexisting contact or you can click the button located to the right of the drop down with the plus symbol to add a new contact.

Next you will want to select your Start Time and Finish Time. This information will allow the Quote to appear on your scheduler. Click the drop down to the left to select your date and the drop down to the right to select the time.

Once you have set your Times and Dates you may want to assign a Fieldworker, although you can do this later.  This can be done with the Assign to drop down located next to the Start Time.  Also found here is the Status which allows you to edit the status of the quote.  You can come back and edit this at any time. 

If you have custom templates in WORK you can select one from the Quote Template drop down.  You can learn more about setting up Quote Templates by clicking here.

The last thing you can set is a Description.  This is optional and is the quote equivalent to a Service Description.  You can type any description into the Description box. You can select any default Service Description from the Default Notes drop down above the Description box.  You can find the Default Notes in your Job and Quote Settings.  

Adding Items to your Quotes

After you have entered all of your Quote information, you can move on to Items.

To add an item to a quote first click Add located at the top of the Item section of your Add Quote page.

This will bring up your Add New Item window.

To search for an existing Inventory Item you can click on the Item Name drop down or type the item name into the same drop down.

If you are looking for an item under a specific Item Tag you can click Filter Items By to check off the Tags you would like to show in the Item Name drop down.

Once you have selected the item the item information should fill in.

You can also create a new item from this screen.  These items can be new inventory items or items that are specific to this quote.  In order to save the item to your inventory you will need to check off the Add to Inventory option.  If this option is not checked the item will only be saved to the invoice. 

To add a new item type the name of the item into the Item Name.  After having given your item a name you will want to fill in the item information.  You are required to give your item a Sell Price Excluding Tax.  Once you have selected this, click outside of the box and the Sell Price Inc. boxes will fill in with the price including Tax.  This price may be the same if you have not selected a Tax Rate.

Once you have entered all of the information you need for your item click the Save option in the bottom right of the screen.

Once you have finished adding the items needed into your quote you can click Save & Close in the lower right hand to be brought back to the Add Quote screen.

Editing your Quote

Once you have saved your quote information it will now appear at the top of your list of active quotes. 

To edit your quote information click on the Quote Number on the left hand side.  This will bring up your Edit Quote screen.

At the top of the screen you will find six tabs.

  • Details is where you can find all of your Quote information such as the Client, Location, Contact, Scheduled Time, and Notes. You can edit and add any of this information except for the Client the Quote is for.

  • Items is where you can add or edit the items you have on your Quote. To add an Item click Add Item and follow the same instructions as above.

  • Documents is where you can upload any pictures or documents that are connected with the quote. Simply click Choose File, to pick the file you would like to add from your computer.  Once you have picked a file click Add Document to add it to the Quote.

  • Comments is where you can post a comment about the quote. Simply click Add Comment typing in the message and information and click Save.  The Comment will appear on the list.  You will also be able to see who wrote the comment and when they wrote it.

  • Preview Quote is where you can see what the Quote Template will look like. You can also save a PDF of the Template by clicking Print PDF.  This is what your customers will see when you send them the quote.  It should match the Quote Template you picked on the Details Tab.

  • Email Quote is to allow you to send the Quote to your client. As long as you have entered one into the system the Clients email should appear in the To   You can add other emails to CC and BCC by either clicking the + and selecting an existing contact or typing something into the field.  If you would like to automatically email to yourself you can check off the box next to Send me a copy.  If you would like you to edit the Subject or the body of your email you can also do that here.

Turning the Quote into a Job

When you are ready you can turn your Quote into a Job from your quote screen.  Check off the box next to the Quote Number you would like to turn into a job.  Then click Create Job at the top of the list.  A message will pop up at the top right of the screen confirming that the job was created and telling you the Job Number of your new job.  You will be able to find this job in Job Central.


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