How do I log in to the customer portal?

This tutorial will describe the features of Client Side Customer Portal.

Web address for the customer portal:



Login with the credentials provided to you.


Main Screen

On the main screen you can find:

  1. The main menu you can toggle to see the jobs list, scheduler or documents
  2. Current Active Jobs for you
  3. Print / View the jobs by selecting them
  4. Add a New Job (This is available only if enabled for your account)
  5. Advanced Search (Allows to filter jobs list, view past completed jobs etc)

Select the job and hit View to bring up the job card as below



View Job


Add New Job

If adding a job is permitted for your account you can add a new job for yourself / your company.
Once saved it will auto update the providers Admin account with the job. They will still need to dispatch it to the fieldworker.

Select the Job Type, Service Description, Fieldworker & your preferred Dates
Hit Save & Close to add this job.



Advanced Search

By default only current Active Jobs are visible on the home page
To view all past jobs or to filter your jobs list:

  1. Click 'Advanced Search'
  2. Choose 'Select All' for Status
  3. Hit Search
  4. A past dated completed job is now visible in the jobs list




The Scheduler is a Calendar View of all jobs for you

  1. You can choose to filter this by Period Type - Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  2. You can also toggle by date in Day View?name=media_1423135437136.png




All documents that have been used for all of your jobs will appear here.

This is a good history of works that have been done in the past.



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