How do I import my inventory items into WORK?

Step 1 : Download the Item Import Template

Download the Import Items Template file in Excel format to your computer.

Step 2 : Populate the template with your Item list

Open the downloaded template file and populate it with your item list.

Couple of pointers:

  1. Do not modify the Column Headings
  2. The columns with a * are mandatory. Example: 'Price', 'Item Name'
  3. The template shows the restrictions for each column. For example the maximum characters allowed in a field and if it is mandatory or not.

We will upload 2 sample records in this example (marked in blue. Before uploading we will delete the rows 2-4 of sample template data)

Step 3 : Choose the File & Import

Once your item template is populated you are ready to import into the system.
To do this:

  1. Choose the item list template from your computer and hit 'Upload'
  2. The field list mapping is displayed as above. If you have not made any changes to the template file then both the Left & Right column headings will match.
  3. Hit 'Import'

Step 4 : Set the data mapping

If the import tool encountered any issues with your template file, it will show an error as above
Above you can see 2 errors are detected. You can download the file which contains the error details to correct them.. See below.

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