How do I import client sites into WORK?

This tutorial will show how to import your Client Site List into Fleetmatics Work



Step 1: Download the 'Client Sites Upload Template'


Download the Import Clients Template file in Excel format to your computer.

Step 2: Populate the Site upload Template

Open the downloaded template file and populate it with your client list.

Couple of pointers:

  1. Please use either of 'Client Code' or 'Client Name' in the first 2 columns. This is the code/name of the parent client under which you wish to upload Sites.
  2. The template shows the restrictions for each column. For example the maximum characters allowed in a field and if it is mandatory or not.
  3. The columns with a * are mandatory. Example: 'Company Name', 'State' & 'Country'
  4. Sample Site records we will upload for this example. You can see in the first row we have used the Client Code 1010 & in the 2nd site row we have used the parent client name.

* Do not modify the column headings

Step 3: Choose the File & Upload


Choose the Sites file and upload to our server

Upon successful upload you get a message as below

Step 4: Set Field Mapping


Next you set the field mapping and Import.
To do this:

  1. The field list mapping is displayed as above. If you have not made any changes to the template file then both the Left & Right column headings will match.
  2. Hit 'Import'



If all goes well with the edited error file you are given a import Successful message!


Possible Errors while Uploading

Occasionally you may notice that the upload fails are you are prompted with the error message.
Typically this happens for the below reasons:

  1. Parent Client Name does not exist
  2. Mandatory Columns left blank

To resolve this please ensure:

  1. The parent client already exists in the system. At times it might by just a spelling error in the client name populated in your template vs. the live Client in your account.
  2. Ensure all mandatory fields (marked with *) are filled.
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