How do I import clients into WORK?

This tutorial will show how to import your Client List into Fleetmatics Work


Click your user name at the top right and choose 'Settings'

From the Import Data section, choose 'Import Clients'




Step 1 : Download the Template File

Download the Import Clients Template file in Excel format to your computer.



Step 2 : Populate the Template with your Client List


Open the downloaded template file and populate it with your client list.

Couple of pointers:

  1. Do not modify the Column Headings
  2. The columns with a * are mandatory. Example: 'Company Name', 'State' & 'Country'
  3. The template shows the restrictions for each column. For example the maximum characters allowed in a field and if it is mandatory or not.

Column A "Client Code' can only be a numeric value. Please do not use Alpha numeric values in this field.

Step 3 : Choose the File & Import


Select the file from your computer and hit Upload
A conformation message that file is queued up for uploading is displayed as below

Step 4 : Map Column Data


  1. You get a conformation message that the file has been uploaded to our Server.
  2. The field list mapping is displayed as above. If you have not made any changes to the template file then both the Left & Right column headings will match.
  3. Hit 'Import'

Step 4: Resolve any Errors with Import


If the import tool encountered any issues with your template file, it will show an error as above
Above you can see 1 error was detected. You can download the file which contains the error details to correct them.. See below.

Step 5 : Edit the Error File


From the above Error file you can see that the 'State' field is empty.
- State is a mandatory field as denoted by the * next to the heading.

To resolve this simply input a State into the cell.
Next delete the columns A & B
Save the file with a new name on your computer
- Upload this new file again into the system (Steps 1 - 3)

Of course the solution to the error will depend on the exact nature of the problem, however we have denoted the most common scenario for failed imports, in the above example

Step 6 : Eureka!


If all goes well with the edited error file you are given a import Successful message!

You can click the 'Import History' page to see all your past imports.
It also shows the current progress of the import

Import History


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