Scheduler Overview

Your Scheduler is where you will find a list of all the jobs in a selected time period organized by time and date and Fieldworker. You are able to create and modify jobs and drag and drop jobs onto a Fieldworker’s schedule all in one place. 

Scheduler Settings

In the upper right hand corner of the schedule you will find a button in the shape of a gear.  This will bring you into the settings for the scheduler.

In the Scheduler Time Default settings you can select the Work Day Start Time and Work Day End Time.  This is how you can set the time frame that is shown in the scheduler.  You will want to pick the times that you schedule within to ensure that your scheduler shows all scheduled jobs. 

You can set times anywhere between 12:00 AM and 11:00 PM.  Keep in mind that selecting 11:00 PM will show everything that is scheduled until Midnight.  Each of these times is the beginning of the hour shown. For example; if you schedule between the hours of 8AM and 5PM, you will want to set the times to 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Under the Start and End Times are two additional options.  

  • Enable Auto-Refresh. If you select yes on this option it will enable the scheduler to refresh every 30 seconds.

  • Show Archived Jobs. This will allow the scheduler to show jobs that you have archived in Job Central.  To learn more information about archiving and archived jobs please refer to the Job Central Overview.

*We recommend setting Show Archived Jobs to No for everyday schedule usage to help speed up load times.  You can turn this option on to see past jobs in the scheduler as needed.

Ways to View the Scheduler

There are 2 different time views available in the scheduler.

  • By Fieldworker:

  • By Time:

You can switch between Fieldworker and Time views at the top of the page by clicking Toggle button in the top right. 

On top of the 2 time views there are also 3 date views.  These are Day, Week, and Month. 

  • Day View allows you to see your scheduled jobs for any day you choose. These jobs will be color coded by Job Type and will contain the Status Symbol, Job Code, Client Name, Job Type, Service Description and Job Address.  

If you hover your cursor over one of these jobs, it will show more info about the job including the Scheduled Start and Finish Times and Fielduser name.

  • Week View allows you to see your scheduled jobs for any week you choose. These will also be color coded by Job Type.  This makes it easy for you to see what types of jobs your Fieldworkers are doing without clicking for further information.  You can click into or hover over any job and it will open into the job details. 

  • Month View allows you to see how many jobs you have on each day in any chosen month.

If you want to see which jobs are scheduled that day of the month, you can click on the number of jobs on a day and a list will come up showing you each job.  The information in this list will include Status Symbol, Job Code, Customer Name, Fieldworker, Job Type, and the Scheduled Start and Finish Times.

The Red Line

There is a Red Line that goes from top to bottom in the scheduler.  This line indicates the current time.  This line will be in the center of the scheduler when you first enter it, showing you all the most recent jobs and the jobs coming up.  This can only be seen in Day and Week view by Fieldworker

Date Filters

There are two drop down menus.  These allow you to pick your date or date range and the Job Type of the jobs that will display in the scheduler.  These will always default to today and All Job Types. 


Next to them is two arrows pointing right and left.  These arrows allow you to quickly move from one day to the next when viewing the Scheduler in Day View.

Fieldworker Filters

On the left hand side of the scheduler there are two more drop down menus that effect what jobs you see. 


The top drop down allows you to filter by Fieldworker.  You can select to see the jobs of only one Fieldworker or multiple Fieldworkers.  You can also use this to exclude the Fieldworkers you do not want to see.  Simply click on the check boxes next to the Fieldworker’s name to select or deselect them.

The bottom drop down allows you to filter by Fieldworker Tags.  Like with the drop down above it you can select one or more Fieldworker Tags to show in the scheduler.  This will show only the Fieldworkers sorted into the selected Fieldworker Tag or Tags.  

The last option that can affect the view within the scheduler is the Compact View button.  This can be found in the upper right hand corner of the scheduler.  It will compress your view of the scheduler allowing you to see more of your schedule all at once.  This will cause the jobs to only show the Status Symbol, Job Code, and Client Name. This function will only work when viewing by Fieldworker

The Unassigned Jobs Pane

The Unassigned Jobs Pane is located on the right hand side of the scheduler.  You can view unassigned and unscheduled jobs here.  You can also drag and drop these jobs into times in the schedule to assign them to Fieldworkers and times.

In the top left there is a blue square with a white arrow.  This allows you to hide or show the pane.

Next to the blue square is the Create New Job button.  This will allow you to create new jobs right from the scheduler.  If you click on this it will bring up your add job screen. 

Under Create New Job there is a drop down that allows you to pick what is shown in the pane.  Your options are Unassigned Jobs in Selected Date Range, All Unassigned Jobs, Unassigned Jobs without Times, and Assigned Jobs without Times. 

  • Unassigned Jobs in Selected Date Range allows you to see all the jobs that are not assigned to a Fieldworker across the time period you have selected in the scheduler.
  • All Unassigned Jobs allows you to see every job you have that is currently not assigned to a Fieldworker no matter what the date is.
  • Unassigned Jobs without Times allows you to see jobs that you have not assigned a Fieldworker or time to.
  • Assigned Jobs without Times allows you to see any jobs that you have assigned a Fieldworker to but have not assigned a time to.

Next is Group Results by.  This allows you to group the jobs that populate in the pane by either Job Type or Fieldworker.  The only time that you will be able to group by Fieldworker is when you are viewing the Assigned Jobs without Times.

Under Group Results by you will find a search bar.  This allows you to search the listed jobs by Job Code, Job Type, or Client Name.


Mapping Jobs from the Scheduler

In the top right of the scheduler there is a button located to the left of the gear that opens your settings.  This will allow you to map any of the jobs for the Day you are currently viewing in the scheduler.

Each job will show on the map that comes up with the correct icon associated with its current status.

In the upper right you will find a button that will allow you to refresh the map when you make changes to the map view. 

Next to that is an Icon Legend.  Clicking on this will bring up a list of what each icon you will see on the map and what it means.

Moving further to the left you will find a drop down that reads Showing.  This is how you can select what is showing on the map view.  Your options are Assigned job for your selected date, Unassigned jobs for your selected date, All jobs for your selected date, and All unassigned jobs.

  • Assigned Job for your selected date will show all the jobs that are already assigned to a Fieldworker within the day you have selected.
  • Unassigned Jobs for your selected date will show all the jobs that are not assigned to a Fieldworker within the day you have selected.
  • All Jobs for your selected date will show all of the jobs whether they are assigned or unassigned to a Fieldworker.
  • All Unassigned Jobs will show all jobs that are not assigned to a Fieldworker.

Scheduler Shortcuts

In the scheduler there are some shortcuts that will allow you to manage and create your daily schedule right from the Scheduler tab.

The first of these shortcuts is the ability to drag and drop.  As mentioned in the Unassigned Jobs Pane section of this document, you can drop unassigned or unscheduled jobs into the scheduler to assign them to a Fieldworker and set their time.  To do this click on the job you would like to move into your schedule and drag it to the appropriate time.  You can also do this with the jobs you already have assigned and scheduled to change their times.  You cannot drag an assigned job into the unassigned jobs pane.

The other shortcuts can be found when you right click on the scheduler or on a job in your scheduler.

If you right click in a blank space in the schedule, it will bring up a menu that will allow you to do one of 3 things.

  • Create New Job will bring up your add job window and you can create a new job. 
  • Create New Task will bring up your Add Task window and you can create a new task. 
  • Create Appointment will bring up your Create Appointment window so you can create appointments in the schedule to show times your fieldworkers may not be available for vacation or various appointments.

If you right click on a job, it will bring up a menu that allows you to do one of 4 things.

  • Preview will bring up a preview of the basic job information including Contact Info, Job Address, Job Status, Job Type, Priority, Service Description and the Start and end Times.
  • Dispatch Job will allow you to dispatch any undispatched jobs to your Fieldworker.
  • Remove from schedule will move the job from your schedule to the Unassigned Jobs Pane. The job will keep the same time but will no longer be assigned to a Fieldworker.
  • Any Time Job will mark a job as an Any Time Job to indicate that this job can be done at any time. This is indicated with a small icon in the bottom left of the job in the scheduler.  There is no indication of this in the Fieldworker App. 

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