2015 QuickBooks Desktop Sync Set-up Guide

This article refers to an older version of QuickBooks Desktop Sync, which is no longer available. A new version has been released to customers starting July, 2016. To learn how to uprade your app, please visit here.

This tutorial guides you through the Quickbooks Desktop Integration process for Fleetmatics WORK. Essentially, there are three steps:

  1. Install the “pre-requisites” wizard which ensure that you have the correct QuickBooks components installed
  2. Install and Run the Quickbooks integrator
  3. Follow the steps in the Quickbooks integrator wizard

Note: The unique identifier for clients in Fleetmatics WORK is the 'Client Name' which syncs to your 'Customer Name' in Quickbooks. Prior to syncing your Fleetmatics WORK account with your Quickbooks account via this connector, please be sure to check that your client names in Fleetmatics WORK match your customer names in Quickbooks. Failure to match these two fields will result in new clients being created in Quickbooks as the system will not know to link the two clients. 



From your Admin account go to:
Settings -> Integration -> Quickbooks


Download the correct Installer version based on your Country

Install the Pre-requisites wizard


Click Yes when prompted


The Quickbooks Integrator Setup wizard will scan your system to determine whether you have the necessary Quickbooks components installed.


The wizard will notify you if any components need to be installed.


Click Next to install the necessary prerequisite components.



Install and Run the Quickbooks integrator


Run the Quickbooks Integrator setup wizard
Click Next and select Install now:



Select the folder to install to


Click Install


Once it has installed correctly, click Finish


An icon for Quickbooks Integrator should appear in the Start Menu


Run the QuickBooks integrator and “Run Setup”

Step 1


Click 'Next' on Step 1

Step 2


Enter your Fleetmatics Work administrator login details

Step 3


Enter the location of your Quickbooks file on your local machine.

Step 4


Once you are on Step 4 -> Open Quickbooks
You will get a prompt as below to allow the Connector to link to Quickbooks.
Press 'Back' on Step 4 and Go To Step 3


(If you do not get the prompt when you open Quickbooks, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Integrated Applications -> Allow access for Fleetmatics Quickbooks Integrator and continue the steps below)


When you open Quickbooks you get a conformation screen as above.
Choose the options as mentioned and click 'Continue'


Click 'Done'


Click 'Next' on Step 3 and you are again in Step 4
The 'Yes, I;ve confirmed access' button is now clickable. Click on it.

Step 5


In the Quickbooks integrator we now should be able to access the Quickbooks file. Now select the Income Account and Tax Vendor that you would like to use.

Once you hit Next, you will now have the opportunity to match your Fleetmatics Work 'Job Types' to 'Classes' in QuickBooks. If you don’t specify which QuickBooks classes you want to use, the integrator will create new classes by default.

Step 6


Step 7


Select how often you want Fleetmatics Work to update Quickbooks. Note that you can easily change this scheduler at a later point if you need to .

Step 8


Select when you want the first update from Fleetmatics Work to Quickbooks to occur.

Step 9 - And that’s it, we’re ready to go!


Step 10


When you exit Quickbooks it should update your files.


Once complete it should let you know.

If at a later point you need to access your QuickBooks Integrator settings again, you can access it from the settings menu on the integrator icon in your system tray. Running it again will present you with this menu allowing you to change your settings or run the setup again .

You have difficulty integrating Fleetmatics Work and Quickbooks, please contact our customer support.

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