Equipment and Equipment Fields


In Fleetmatics WORK, you have the ability to create pieces of Equipment for your Clients. Equipment lives on the client level. This means that equipment is assigned to a specific client, and then you are able to link that piece of equipment to jobs that you create for that client.

Some good examples of pieces of equipment would be a boiler or a water heater. These things will be installed at a specific location and will not be moved at all. You can track the maintenance that is done on these pieces of equipment thru linking them to maintenance jobs. 

Step 1: Activate Equipment in your Account

Your account will come with the Equipment tab deactivate. To enable this feature of WORK, navigate to your Settings page and click on Client Customizations. 

On this page, you want to make sure that "Equipment" is checked off and active. This will enable the Equipment tab in the Client section. Now let's take a look at this newly added tab. 

Step 2: Creating Equipment

Go to your Clients page and click on the client record that you want to add equipment to. Notice that there is now an Equipment tab on your clients screen:

Select equipment and then Add Equipment. Here you will be able to select the name, brand, model and serial number of your equipment. You will also be able to associate this equipment with any sites you have set for this client (see job sites). Don't forget that you can Ctrl+Left click to select multiple job sites. Once you have filled out all the information that you want, press save at the bottom. 

The equipment can now be added to any new job for this specific client. Go to your Job screen and click on an existing job for this client. From there you will be able to select the Equipment tab from along the top. Only the equipment that you have added for this specific client will be visible on this tab. To link a piece of equipment to this specific job, you will need to check off whichever piece of equipment you want, and then click Save at the bottom. Now that piece of equipment will be tied to this job. 


Custom Fields and General Customization:

Equipment can have custom fields associated with it, and the account administrator can control what information about equipment is displayed in the system. This is all handled via your Settings page. Under the Clients heading there are links for adding custom fields and changing what is visible about Equipment. Let's start by adding custom fields. From Settings->Clients->Equipment Custom Fields.

Here existing custom fields for Equipment are visible, along with the options to let Fieldworkers see them in the app, as well as edit them. To add a new equipment custom field select Add (for more information on Custom Fields in general see the Custom Fields FAQ section). Fill out all the necessary information about this custom field, and hit Save. The next time you view a piece of equipment, you will be able to view and edit this custom field for that piece of equipment. 


Finally let's control what Equipment information is visible about the equipment in your account. Once again from your Settings page, under the Clients header select "Display Field On Equipment". This will bring you to a page that looks like this:

Notice that some fields are turned off by default. For example if the Administrator wants the Equipment serial numbers to show, that will have to be checked off and the page must be Saved.

Now that you have learned the basics of equipment and how to use it in your system, try creating some pieces of equipment on your own!

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