July, 2015: Map Changes

July 7, 2015 -- There are several important updates that have been added to the Maps functionality. The map user interface has been updated and now includes several new options to provide additional information.

Enhancements to the Map will allow Admin Users to:

  1. Determine the location of Fieldworkers  when they last recorded a change on the Fieldworker App
  2. Approximate the current location of Fieldworkers based on the last recorded location
  3. Identify Fieldworkers that are likely closest to jobs currently on view

The map can be accessed either from:

  1. Jobs Central -> Select jobs-> click on Map button->brings up the map in a new window and will show all selected jobs as pins on the map
  2. Scheduler> Choose “Day” view> click on the Map icon

The Scheduler map view will have filters you can use to change your settings, much like the main Scheduler.


Map View Filters

  1. Fielduser selection – will allow Users to select more Fieldusers or de-select from the original list


2.Map Options – will allow to display only Fieldusers that had status changes in the last 24 hours

3. Job Filters-change the selected jobs based on assignment status

4. Icon Legend- displays the Job Status and Fielduser icon definitions


5. Refresh-will update the status and location of selected jobs, Fieldworkers


Additional Map Information

1. The number of selected jobs will be displayed on the header

2. A pin will be displayed for each job, including the Job Status

3. A pin will be displayed for Fieldworkers associated with the selected jobs

          a. The location of the pin will indicate the last know location or last status change location

          b. The pin / icon will contain the Fieldworker's initials


Other Job Updates 

1. If a job was created from a Quote, the originating Quote Number will be linked to the job Job Central->Select a job. 

2. Jobs creating from a Quote can now be searched by the originating Quote number

3. A Quote column can be displayed on Job central



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