Admin FAQ's


Can I log in to the Admin portal using my Fieldworker login? And vice versa?

No, you can only use the Fieldworker username and password for the fieldworker mobile app. Admins can only log into the Admin portal using their admin username and password. 

Learn how to create an Admin and Fieldworker account.


How do I change the username and password for my users?

The username cannot be changed in the Team Settings page currently. This is something that our Support team can help you with. However if you want to change the password, go to "How do I reset a password?"


How do I a delete a fieldworker?

You cannot delete a fieldworker but you can make them inactive. If you signed up for your WORK account before January 19, 2015, go Settings -> Team Settings > Users -> "View" (the user) -> Un-check "active" and "Save".

If you signed up for your WORK account after January 19, 2015, they will need to contact our Customer Support via email or phone.



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