How do I create a Crew?

What is a Crew?

Crew allow you to group Fieldworkers who regularly work together (ie: landscaping crew). They are designed top allow a licensed Fieldworker to Clock In & Out workers who do not have access to the Fieldworker Mobile App, allowing you to actually capture Clock In & Out Report data for every worker in the field.In addition, it allows an Admin user to easily see which Crew Members are in each Crew from the Scheduler view. 


Before creating Crews, it is important to understand the following:

  1. You can create as many different Crews as you need
  2. A Crew can have only one Crew Leader, and at least one Crew Member. But it is also possible to create a Crew with no Leader or Members
  3. A Crew Leader can be designated from the existing Fieldworkers, or can be created as a new Fieldworker. NOTE: New Crew Leaders created will be charged for a new Fieldworker license. Crew members will not.
  4. Existing Fieldworkers can be downgraded to a Crew Member, but only if there is no history of any jobs assigned to the Fieldworker
  5. Only the Crew Leader will have (login credentials) to the Fieldworker Mobile App, and will have the ability to Clock In / Clock Out all Crew members in his or her Crew

Designating Crew Roles

Each Crew requires a designated Crew Leader who can clock the Crew Members in and out using the Fieldworker app on their iPhone or Android device. You can designate the Crew Leader and Crew Member roles under Settings> Team Settings> Users.

  1. Pick the Fieldworker you would like to designate a role for by clicking on View
  2. In the window that opens for that Fieldworker, you will see a list of available User Types.
  3. Crew Leader: a licensed Fieldworker who has the additional permission in the Fieldworker mobile app to clock in and clock out the Crew Members on his or her Crew

Crew Member: not a licensed Fleetmatics WORK user and does not have access to the Fieldworker mobile app (note: no login or password can be set for a Crew Member for this reason).

*If a licensed Fieldworker is downgraded to a Crew Member, his/her log ID and passwords are automatically disabled. This can only be done if no Jobs have been assigned to the Fieldworker.




  1. Once you have chosen the roles for your Users, simply save the changes you have made

* When creating a new Crew Member you will not be charged for a Fieldworker license. When creating a new Crew Leader you will be charged for another mobile licence, just like a standard Fieldworker.

Creating Crews

Crews are set up in Settings> TEam Settings> Crews

  1. Select the Add Crew button
  2. Enter a Crew Name (mandatory) and a Description (optional)
  3. Select a Crew Leader (optional) then hit the Save Button
  4. Next go to the Members tab and choose who should belong in the Crew. Only users designated as “Crew Member” will be listed here.
  5. To remove a Crew Member from a Crew, simply uncheck the box by the Crew Member’s name.

a. Crew Leaders and Crew Members can only be associated to one Crew at a time

b. You can create an unlimited number of Crews for your business.

Dispatching to Crews

Jobs are dispatched to the Crew Leader, and not to the individual Crew Members. This means that if you un-assign a Crew Leader from his current Crew, the history of all previously assigned Jobs will stay with the Crew Leader and not the Crew.

  1. In Job Central, you can assign and dispatch a new Job directly to the Crew Leader. The Crew Leader’s name will appear in your Fieldworker selection, along with the name of the Crew he is in charge of. Assign and dispatch a job the same way you would assign to an individual Fieldworker.

2. In the Scheduler, along with the Crew Leader’s name, you will also see the Crew he is in charge of. The Crew Members’ names will also appear when hovering over the crew Name. You can create and dispatch a new Job to the Crew Leader the same way that you would dispatch to an individual Fieldworker.


Clocking In/Out

On the Fieldworker Mobile App, Crew Leaders have the ability to Clock In & Out Crew Members. This can be done either of 2 ways:

  1. Clock In/Out all Crew Members at one time:

2. Clock In/Out individual Crew Members at different times. The Mobile App will indicate how many Crew Members are clocked in or out.


Adding or Removing Crew Members on the Mobile App

Crew Leaders can Remove or Add Crew members on the Mobile App. This allows them to address any changes in the Crew Members’ schedules without having to go through the Admin.

  1. From the Home page of the Mobile App, go to Clock In or Out
  2. Tap Edit Crew
  3. To remove a Crew Member, tap on the Remove To add a Crew Member, tap on the + sign in the upper right had corner of the screen


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