July, 2015: Auto-Add Labor Cost

The addition of labor to a job has been streamlined via the new Auto Add Labor button. The button is available via the invoice feature of Fleetmatics Work. Labor items may be added via the Admin Portal.

Add Item/Labor

Admins can manually select which Inventory Items or Labor cost will be applied to jobs or tasks (if any)

Setting Up Labor Rates and Costs

  • COMPANY RATE (Default): Settings>Billing Items>Labor Rates and Costs
  • FIELDUSER RATE: Settings>Users>Fiedlusers
  • JOB TYPE RATE: Settings>Job Type

*In the event where a Job has multiple labor rates available (e.g. a Fielduser rate tied to the assigned Fieldusers in addition to the Company Default rate), when a Labor item is automatically added, the rate priority applied is 1) Fielduser, 2) Job Type, 3) Company Default


Inline Editing

Admins can easily switch between Labor Rates right on the Invoice. The "Set Labor Rate" and "Quantity" columns can be edited right on the form.





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