How do I set up my account?

When you are logging in to their Fleetmatics WORK account for the first time, an On-boarding wizard will guide you on how to set up your account for first time use. This on-boarding feature is designed to allow new users of WORK to quickly review and input information that is necessary to get started.

There are three (3) screens to set up in the wizard:

1. Company Info captures the most important information about your company (address, contact info, logo). This information will be displayed on invoices you send out to your Clients, and other communication. The mandatory fields on the client info screen are Company Name, Contact Name, Street 1, City, Country, Zip, Company Phone, and Timezone.


2. Field Users allows for quick entry of the most important fields (including username and password) to get users of the mobile app into the system, so that jobs can be assigned and the scheduler can be populated with names. This screen is optional and can be skipped.

3. Clients sets up limited details for your first client, as you need a client in order to try features such as adding Jobs or using the scheduler. Sample client data is used in the wizard, in case you do not want to create a new one. The sample address will automatically be geolocated to an address that is in close proximity to your company address. The Account Type field is mandatory on this screen.

Once through these sections, you are taken to a page where you can watch a quick video overview of the solution.  At the bottom of the page it will prompt you to try one of the following:

  • Create Your First Job will open the job creation modal, and display another video tutorial on “Job Central”


  • Explore WORK will display the Getting Started pages and Dashboard.  See the Getting Started from the Dashboard Help Document for more information.

 Other elements of the On-Boarding Wizard

  1. The numbered titles at the top of the page will let you know what step you are on and what is coming next.
  2. The “Back” button allows you to go back to a previous screen on the wizard.
  3. The “Next Step” button allows you to move forward to the next screen(s).
  4. The “Save and Close” button will appear if you have previously exited the wizard and re-opens it at a later time. This button will allow you to save changes and exit without having to go through the succeeding screens again.


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