QuickBooks Online Integration Check-List

QuickBooks Online Integration Check-List

Before integrating your QuickBooks Online account, make sure you’ve taken the following steps to ensure data moves smoothly between WORK and QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks:

  • Check your version: The QuickBooks Online integration supports the U.S. version only. If you’re using other versions, including QuickBooks Canada or other countries, please note that these versions are not currently supported. 
  • Check your Income Accounts: Some companies may have multiple Income Accounts (ex. Landscaping and Snowplowing). Please note that the WORK integration supports one Income Account at a time. Learn more about QuickBooks’ Income Accounts.

In both QuickBooks and WORK:

  • Check your Company Name: Company Names must be 50 characters or less in order to properly sync between WORK and QuickBooks.
  • Check your Item names: Like Company Name, your Item names must be 50 characters or less in order to properly sync between WORK and QuickBooks.
  • Set your tax values: Make sure you have tax values set in both systems. The WORK integration marks individual items on invoices as “taxable” and then allows QuickBooks to determine the tax applied to the invoice. Learn more about setting tax values in QuickBooks.
  • Check the State field: Make sure State information (ex. Massachusetts)  is filled-out in QuickBooks for your Customers. If not, and all records are associated with the same State, select the “Use default State in WORK” option in your Sync Settings. If records are associated with various States, please make sure the field is filled-out to prevent a “Missing State” error for those records.  
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