Payment Processing

Fleetmatics WORK captures online credit card payments. Get paid via online invoice- instantly, and securely. In order to take advantage of Fleetmatics Online Credit Card Payment Capture you will have to have a Stripe® account set up.

Starting with Stripe

In the Settings section of Fleetmatics WORK you will a find a new option at the very bottom Payment Processing > Stripe.

To learn more about Stripe simply click the What is Stripe? Link and it will take you to their site. Where you can learn more about what Stripe does and sign up for their service

  • Please note that the Payment Processing Page is set up as a walkthrough of this process
  1. Click the Connect with Stripe button which will take you to the Stripe payment integration page
  2. Answer a few questions regarding your business which will include information like you VAT Number, Country the business is located in, banking info, etc.
    1. This will sign you up for a Stripe account
    2. Once you have done this you system is automatically set up to start taking online payments
    3. If at any time you would like to stop taking payment you simply hit the Disconnect button

Taking Online Credit Card Payments with WORK

Once that you have set up your Stripe account and linked it to WORK when you send an invoice to one of your clients it will come with a link designed to capture your clients Credit Card details securely using Stripe as the payment processor.

  1. The link will be embedded in the body of your email with the same PDF invoice you are used to attached as well.
  2. When a client clicks on that link it will take them directly to a webpage displaying your invoice and a portal for you client to enter their credit card details.
  3. Once payment is made and successfully processed by Stripe funds will be deposited by Stripe to your linked account.
  4. If the invoice is paid in full it will be marked as paid in WORK, if it is particially paid that will be reflected in WORK as well.

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