Quotes Overview

Your Quotes tab is where you will find a list of all the quotes you have created.  You can create, edit and delete Quotes from this section.  You can also convert any of your quotes into a job.

Quotes List

The main feature of your Quotes tab is your Quotes List.  This is where you can find all of the quotes that you have created within WORK.  At a glance you can see the Quote Number, Client Name, Quote Description, Site Name, Sell Cost, Client Email, and Quote Status.

You can sort the order of your Quotes by clicking on any of the column headers. An arrow will indicate which column is currently used for sorting, and the direction will indicate whether the order is in ascending or descending order.


Searching Your Quotes

You can search through your Quotes List by using the Search Bar in the upper left hand corner of the Quotes tab.  You can search by the quote or client information, including Street Address, Client Name, Quote Number, and Site Name.

Filtering Your Quotes

You can filter your Quote List by status by selecting the statuses that you want to see from the Filter By Quote Status drop down.  You can choose to show All or any combination of New, In Progress, Rejected, and Approved.


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