QuickBooks Online Overview

QuickBooks Online Sync enables users of QuickBooks Online to stay up-to-date, organized and avoid double-entry by automatically sharing information between WORK and QuickBooks.

By using the QuickBooks Online Sync feature, users of WORK can elect to:

1) Sync Clients between WORK and QuickBooks, and

2) Push Invoice and Payment information from WORK to QuickBooks.

Once the initial set-up has been completed, the exchange of information occurs “silently” and securely in the background.

QuickBooks Online Sync supports the online U.S. version only. For QuickBooks Desktop users, please visit here.

Enabling QuickBooks Online Sync

To enable QuickBooks Online Sync, users will need to follow the simple steps from the QuickBooks Online page in WORK (Settings -> Integrations -> QuickBooks Online).

Users will be asked to authorize WORK to access their QuickBooks account. From there, users can select which information they’d like to sync or share with QuickBooks. Once the set-up is complete, users can view sync history, status and identify records which have encountered problems.

For more information on enabling QuickBooks Online Sync, please visit QuickBooks Online Getting Started.

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