How do I create a Task?

Tasks give you the ability to add multiple fieldworkers to a job and be able to assign each of these fieldworkers a specific task.

Creating a Task

To create a Task click Jobs at the top of the page.

Once in Job Central locate the job you would like to create a Task for from the list.  Click on the Job Code to bring up the Job Details.

At the top of your Job Details page click on the Tasks tab.  On the Task tab you will see a number next to Task that indicates how many Tasks are attached to the job.

This will bring you to a list of Tasks associated with that Job.  To add a new Task click the Add New Task button in the upper right.

This will bring you to your Add Task screen.

All of your job information including Completion Notes and Status will copy over from the parent job. 


You can edit any of this information and click the Save button in the lower right.

After you have saved your new Task it will appear in the Task tab in the job.  Any items that your Fieldworker adds to the Task will appear on the invoice in the parent job.  All items added to the Task from the Fieldworker App will go onto the parent job’s Invoice. 

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