Fieldworker App Overview

The Fieldworker Mobile app will allow your Fieldworkers to clock in and out and manage and create jobs and quotes.

Logging into the App

Before beginning this process please make sure that you have given your Fieldworker’s their Username and Passwords for the Fieldworker Mobile App from their user profile in the Admin portal.  Once your Fieldwork already have this information and have downloaded the app from the App Store or Play Store, tap on the app icon to open the app.


Enter the Username and/or the Password fields and switch Remember Me? to "On" so they do not need to type in their username everytime they log in.



The Dashboard

After they have logged into the app they will be brought to the App Dashboard.

There are 11 options that will appear on their Dashboard.  These will very depending up on the the Mobile User Permission settings you have chosen in the Admin Portal.  

  • New Job where your Fieldworkers can find any new jobs that you has dispatched to them. 
  • Active Jobs where your Fieldworkers can find any jobs that they have accepted or started. 
  • Completed Jobs where your Fieldworkers can find any jobs that they have completed. They will also have access to jobs completed by their co-workers if permissions have been granted to see jobs from all Fieldworkers.  
  • Sync Docs where you can download any documents that you or your fieldworker has added to all jobs assigned to them to their phone.
  •  Clients is where your fieldworker can add, manage and create jobs for your clients. 
  • Add Job where your fieldworker can create a job for any of your clients. 
  • Map where your fieldworker can see their location on a map as well as the locations of their jobs active jobs.
  • Quotes where your fieldworker can manage and create quotes. 
  • Settings where your fieldworker can connect to your Google calendar. 
  • Support where your fieldworker will find a list of options on how to reach our Customer Care department.
  • Logout which your fieldworker can tap to log out of the app.


From the Dashboard your fieldworker will find 3 more options.

  • Refresh is in the upper left and will allow your fieldworker to refresh the app and bring up the most recent information you have sent them.
  • Online is in the upper right and will allow your fieldworkers to switch from working in Online mode to Offline mode. Offline mode will allow your fieldworkers to continue documenting job information (ex. Completion notes, photos, etc) in the event a cellular data connection is not available. *Keep in mind that you cannot complete a job while in Offline mode. Offline mode will only allow you to accept jobs, record and update travel or job start, finish, and pause time, upload documents from camera or phone library only, update job status, update job fieldworker, record completion notes, capture signatures, and clock fieldworkers and crews in and out.

  • Clock In/Out which will allow your fieldworkers to clock in and out for the day. Crew Leaders can also clock in your crew.  Please see below to learn more about how to clock in and out.  



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