FAQs: QuickBooks Desktop Sync

This article refers to the newest version of QuickBooks Desktop Sync, released to some customers starting July, 2016. 

Sync Basics

1. What data sync with QuickBooks Desktop?

Fleetmatics WORK supports the following data sync:

  • 2-way sync of Clients between WORK and QuickBooks
  • 1-way push of Invoices from WORK to QuickBooks
  • 1-way push of Payments from WORK to QuickBooks

2. What software versions does QuickBooks Desktop Sync support?

Software versions not specified below cannot be guaranteed full support, and therefore, we may not be able to fully-resolve specific issues you encounter.

  • Windows OS version 8 and 10
  • Server version 2012 or 2016
  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise version years 2014-2017

*QuickBooks 2014 is not compatible with WIN 10. For more information, please visit Intuit QuickBooks Support page.

 3. What system configurations does QuickBooks Desktop Sync support?

System configurations not specified below cannot be guaranteed full support, and therefore, we may not be able to fully-resolve specific issues you encounter.

4. Which versions of QuickBooks Desktop does Fleetmatics WORK support?

Fleetmatics WORK supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise version year 2014-2017 installed on Windows systems (see above). Fleetmatics WORK supports QuickBooks U.S. version only.

5. I have 2 QuickBooks accounts. Can I use both with a Fleetmatics WORK account?

No. The Fleetmatics and QuickBooks integration is a one-to-one relationship where Fleetmatics can sync to only 1 QuickBooks account at a time.

6. Does Fleetmatics WORK integrate with QuickBooks for Mac?

Fleetmatics WORK does not currently integrate with QuickBooks for Mac.

7. Does Fleetmatics WORK integrate with the Canadian version of QuickBooks? Why not?

No. WORK’s QuickBooks Desktop Sync currently supports U.S. versions only. The difference between the U.S. and Canadian version of QuickBooks revolves around country-specific accounting calculations. For instance, Canada has a federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) and a Provincial Sales Tax (PST), which are not part of the U.S. version.

8. Can I choose a date to go back to when syncing if I’ve lost connection?

No. With the newest version of the sync app, only new or modified data will be synced on a continuous basis. Older versions supported a feature which allowed users to “back date” syncing, though this is not currently part of the new version.


Client Sync

1. Do I need to import my customer records into Fleetmatics WORK?

No, there is no need to manually import customers into Fleetmatics WORK. QuickBooks Desktop Sync will create new records for customers that do not exist in the other system.

2. Is there a limit to the number of records that can be synced?

For the Onboarding process, the limit is 10,000 records. Client records will be synced as they are created or updated.

3. If I add a new customer in Fleetmatics WORK, do I need to do add in QuickBooks Desktop too?

No, the 2-way Client sync eliminates the need for manually updating your records. Any new client records created in Fleetmatics WORK will be created in QuickBooks Desktop the next time it syncs, and vice versa.

4. Can I import sub-customers from QuickBooks?

No. Sub-customers will be created as a main Client in Fleetmatics WORK during the sync. Sub-customers are not supported at this time.

5. Can I disable the Client sync at any time.?

No. the Client sync is always enabled for updates to be made in both systems. This settings can not be disabled from the QuickBooks Sync settings. 


Invoice Sync

1. Can I sync old invoices in WORK to QuickBooks?

No, only invoices that are created as new, or updated with changes, in Fleetmatics WORK after the integration is set up will be synced to QuickBooks Desktop.

2. Can I sync Inventory items from WORK to QuickBooks?

No, items are only created if they are used on Invoices. Pricing & stock levels in QuickBooks Desktop are not updated/maintained through the sync.

3. What happens when an invoice is created for a customer that exists in Fleetmatics WORK, but is not yet in my QuickBooks?

If the client name on the invoice does not exist in QuickBooks yet, the sync will automatically create the matching customer record in QuickBooks before it syncs the invoice.

4. Can I import sub-items from QuickBooks?

Yes, QuickBooks sub-items can be imported into Fleetmatics WORK. However, in most cases, the sub-item names might need to be re-formatted to exclude the parent item name before import. For more information, you may contact our Support team at


 Payment Sync

 1. Can I sync old payments in WORK to QuickBooks?

No, only payments that are created as new in Fleetmatics WORK after the integration is set up will be synced to QuickBooks Desktop.

 2. Can I update payments in Fleetmatics WORK?

No, any changes to payment records will be synced as new into QuickBooks Online. Additional payment records in QuickBooks Desktop will be marked as “Unapplied.”

3. How do I avoid creating “Unapplied” payments in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can delete payment records that are no longer needed in both Fleetmatics WORK and QuickBooks Desktop. However, you need to log in to both systems separately and manually delete them.

4. Can I use “QuickBooks Payments” with Fleetmatics WORK?

No, QuickBooks Desktop Sync only supports the creation of the payment record in QuickBooks Desktop. The sync does not process the payment.

5. How can I turn off Payments sync in Fleetmatics WORK?

You can find and edit your sync settings by navigating to Settings> Integrations> QuickBooks Desktop.





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