Jobs Overview

This article will provide you with the basic knowledge of how to navigate the Jobs section and the actions you can perform there.

The Jobs section is where all job information is stored. If you would like to view a tutorial on the Jobs section, you will find a link on the banner when you go to Jobs:


The Jobs List


The main page will display a list of jobs you have created in Fleetmatics WORK. By default all columns are displayed:

  • Job Code - this is a link that will open the Job details
  • Status 
  • Paused - this displays an icon that indicates the job is paused.
  • Task - this displays the number of tasks associated with the job, if there are any
  • Client
  • Site 
  • Address
  • Type - the type of job created or performed
  • Fieldworker
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • Amount - total of all invoice items associated with the job, as well as miscellaneous items that are billable to the client
  • Invoiced - will display an icon that indicates if the invoice has been generated for the job
  • Paid - total amount of payments recorded against the job
What you can do on the Jobs list
1. Search for a job - You can search for a job across any of the searchable fields by selecting "All Items." This search will be performed by default. You can choose to narrow down your search by choosing one of the specific fields when searching. 
You can also find job records using additional criteria by using filters. Simply click on the "Show Filtering Options" link to see more. You can Apply Filters to use any of this criteria in your search and refresh the list, or Clear Filters to reset.
2. Manage your list view
  • Hide columns - If you wish to hide some of the columns that are displayed on your main jobs list, click on the Column Selection (gear-shaped) icon on the top right hand corner of the list and un-check the columns to hide. You can also add more columns by checking the box.
  • Increase items per page - Each page will list 25 clients at a time. You can change the number listed using the "Show (x) items per page" option at the bottom of the list.
  • Sort - Each column displayed can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Click on any column header to sort using that column. An arrow (up or down) will indicate is the list is sorted by that column.
  • Re-order columns - If you wish to change the order of the columns, you can click and drag on the column header to re-position them on the list.
  • Re-size columns - if you hover or point your cursor in the space between column headers, you will see the cursor change to a symbol with two arrows. Once you see this new cursor appear, drag to either side to increase or decrease the column width.


3. Perform other actions
At the top of the list are a series of action buttons that will allow you to manage your jobs list. Below is a list of these buttons as you see them from left to right. These buttons may be grayed-out until you choose a job from the list for which an action can be performed.
  • Job Card PDF - this will download a .pdf file of the job card 
  • Duplicate - this will create an exact copy of the job selected and will automatically choose the same client. Follow the next steps onscreen to create a duplicate job. You may duplicate a job for the same client, or a new one.
  • Sub-job - this will create a new job for the same client as the selected job. The job code for the sub-job will always include the job code of the main job. Sub-job codes are indicated by "-x" after the main job code, where "x" is the number of sub-jobs created
  • Send - this will allow you to send one or more jobs selected as an email to the fieldworker(s) assigned to these jobs
  • SMS - allows you to send a text message either to the Client or the Fieldworker assigned to the selected job. You will be able to choose who to send the SMS ('text message') to in the pop-up window. You can also select the SMS button at anytime, with or without a job selected, to quickly send one or all of your fieldworkers an SMS.

  • Map - this will open a pop-up window that displays the location or address of the job on a map. it also displays the last known location of the fieldworker assigned to the selected job, if already assigned.
  • Archive - this will move the selected job to your Archive. Once archived a job will no longer be displayed on the main jobs list. To view archived jobs, use the Filtering Options.
  • Delete - will remove the job from your list altogether. Deleted jobs cannot be retrieved for editing or re-use. Delete permissions are found in your User Settings.
  • Assign - will allow you to change the fieldworker assigned to the job without having to open the full job details. 
  • Status - allows you change the job status without opening the full job details. 


Other actions

On the right hand side of the action button row are 3 more icons -- . From left to right, these icons indicate:

  • Refresh - click this icon to reload your jobs list and view any new information
  • Download-  this will download an Excel file of all your current and active jobs
  • List Settings - this will display the available columns to be displayed or hidden from the list.
At the very top of the screen, on the right side is also a button to "Create a job". For more information, see our article "How to Create a Job".
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