How do I Edit a Job?

This article explains the various parts of a job record. The job record is where you can add and edit information about a job, schedule, assign and dispatch, review completed work, invoice the job and more. 

When opening a job record, a full screen will display the following information:

a. Client Name

b. Job Site - if no site is created / selected, this will display the main client address

c. Contact

d. Billing Details - shows the total amount of all invoiced jobs, the amount that is paid, and the balance.

Below are the edit actions that admins can perform on a Job record.

1. On the main Job record

A summary of the Client and Location information is displayed at the top of the screen. 

  • Edit Client Details - this will open a pop-up window that allows you to make permanent changes to the main client record
  • Edit Job Site and Contact Details - this allows you to make temporary changes to the location and contact for the job. If the changes need to be permanent (saved to the location and contact records), make sure you check the box  "Save to Client Site" and/or "Save to Client Contact"


Right below the client information are 4 tabs that contains the rest of the job information:

2. On the Job Details tab

Any of the Details can be edited including the Job Code and the Job Status. This is particularly helpful if there are specific naming or numbering formats required for the Job Code, or if the Status needs to be changed manually during any stage of the job progress.

Custom Fields can be filled out, if there are custom fields created. Custom fields can be created for the job or for the Client. Both will be displayed in this section.

Jobs can be scheduled with a date and time and assigned to a fieldworker in the Scheduling section. The fieldworker will be notified via the WORK mobile app when a job is assigned.

On the Job record, admins can add Tasks, Equipment or Documents.


3. In Completion Details

Most of the information in the Completion Details tab will come from the Fieldworker, who can enter this information via the mobile app. This includes completion notes that the Fieldworker took while on the job, as well as the travel and work time captured via the mobile app.

There may be times when your Fieldworker forgets to log an accurate time for their travel or job. An Admin can set the correct start and end time for travel and the job in the "Travel and Job Timings in Detail" section.

NOTE: When you change a Fieldworker on a job that has already been started, a warning indicator will appear letting you know the previous Fieldworker's times will be erased. 


4. In Billing Details

The Invoice can be edited in Billing section at any stage of the job. More items can be added, existing items can be removed, as well as add / edit labor and miscellaneous purchases. Your Fieldworker may also add this information from their mobile device, if given permission in Settings.

Once the invoice is ready, you can generate it by clicking on the "Invoice" button.

You can also "Download Preview" to see the PDF document, or send the invoice to your client via "Email".

Learn more about job invoicing.

Purchase Orders can be added in this section, as well. You will need to enter the Supplier name to continue and the PO will automatically be created. On the next screen, fill out the necessary information then Save.

 Payments are recorded in the Billing Details tab. Required fields when entering a payment record are:

  • Payment Date
  • Payment Type

If receiving partial payments on a job, you can enter multiple payments for a single invoice by repeating the process.  You can also "Delete" any payment records, if needed.

When partial payments are recorded, the balance on the main job record will be updated to display the correct amount still outstanding.


5. In Status History

The Status History tab will display the status changes on the job. It will indicate which user made the change, when, and if applicable, the location where the change was made. Location is tracked when the job status has been changed by your Fieldworker, or as a result of his/her activity, on the mobile app.

The Status History is available as read-only, and cannot be edited or exported.


Other Actions

Before Saving your information on the job details screen, you can check any boxes (or actions) that you want to perform at the bottom of the screen:

  • "Alert Fieldworker" - to send a push notification if the status of the job has changed
  • "Send an Email to Client" - will send an pre-formatted email content (See Setting) along with the Job Card to your client
  • Cancel - will exit the screen without saving your changes
  • Save - will preserve any changes you made to the job record


Lastly, there are 2 additional action buttons on the top banner, where the Job Code and Status of the job is also displayed. 

  • Preview Job Card -
  • Email Job Card -

To exit form the full screen mode, click on the "X" in the top right hand corner of the screen.

 --- END ---

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