How do I create a Sub-Job?

Sub-jobs give you the ability to complete a job that you need to return to, or follow up on, or finish work.

Creating a Sub-Job

To create a Sub-Job click Jobs at the top of the page.


Once in Job Central locate the job you would like to create a Sub-Job for from the list.

To select this job click on the Check Box located next to the Job Code.  You can only select one job at a time when creating a Sub-Job.

At the top of the list of jobs you will find actions that allow you to make changes to the job or jobs you have selected.  Select the Sub-Job option.

This will bring up the Add Job window for your new Sub-Job.  Some job information will copy over from the parent job, including the Client and Location information.

You can now select your Appointment Time and Fieldworker information and fill in other information or any Client or Job custom fields you may have created. 

Once you are satisfied with your Job information click the Save button in the lower right to save your Sub-Job

After you have saved your new Sub-Job it will appear on the list of jobs in Job Central.


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