How do I edit a Quote?

This article will cover how to open, view and make change to a Quote.

Just like job records, Quote records can be opened, viewed and edited anytime in the system. The most common reason for re-opening a quote is to change the status, and to convert it into a job.


To view a quote

To view the details of a quote, click on any Quote Number from the Quotes list. This will open a full screen of the quote details.

The top portion of the screen will have the Quote number, Quote Status and action buttons to "Email Quote" or "View Quote Card PDF". You can save a copy of the quote to your computer from the PDF file.

The top portion of the page will also display the client and location information, as well as the Billing Details for this quote.


Quote Details

The Quote details section allows you to record, edit and view the following information:

  • Quote # - this is automatically generated by the system when the quote is created, but can be manually changed
  • Status - when creating a new quote the default will be "New"
  • Quote Type - you can set the Quote type to match your job types so you know what type of work this quote is for
  • Description - include more description about the quote
  • Notes - any additional notes not necessarily about the quote
  • Quote Template - allows you to change the quote print out to be used
  • Created by - will indicated which admin created the quote and when




The Items section allows you to:

  • Add inventory items to be used for the job being quoted
  • Delete items from the quote
  • Apply Tax
  • Edit items description, quantity and other details



  • Set a start Date / Time and End Date / Time for a quote that requires a site visit
  • Assign a Fieldworker to complete the quote



Documents and Comments

  • These 2 section are hidden when there are no documents or comments included when the quote was created
  • You can click on the "+" icon by the section name to display these sections and add documents or comments to the quotes


For any section that is hidden, click on the "+" sign to display the section and view or edit. If a section is displayed, the icon will change to "-" so you can hide it.


To edit a quote

Any information originally entered and saved when creating a new quote can be edited.

To edit any of the quote details, click on any quote number form the main list. This will display the quote details in full screen.


What can be edited?

1. In the client information section

  • Edit Client Details - these changes will be made permanently to the client record
  • Edit Location and Contact - these changes can be temporary and will only apply to this quote record. To make changes permanently, click on the "Save to Client" box before saving.


2. In the Quotes Details

  • Quote # - the quote number is automatically generated by the system when a new quote s created. However, you can type over the auto-generated quote number to use your own numbering format
  • Status - choose from the list on the drop down
  • Quote Type - can be selected to match the job type
  • Description
  • Notes
  • Quote Template


3. In the Items section

  • Add / Delete items
  • Apply tax
  • Edit item description, item notes, item price, etc.


4. In Scheduling

  • Change Start and End Date/ Time
  • change Fieldworker assigned to quote


5. Documents*

  • Add / upload documents for your computer
  • Delete attached documents



  • Add / delete comments
  • View dates when Comments were posted and who posted them

*These sections are hidden if there is no content.
To save changes made, click on the "Save" button oat the bottom of the full screen. 

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