September, 2015: New On-Boarding Wizard and Overall Improvements

The following improvements to WORK were released on September 15, 2015:

Admin Site Improvements

1. New On-Boarding Wizard

  • easy step by step walk-through of how to set up your new Fleetmatics WORK account
  • set up the basic account information to get started
  • view video tutorials helps you to to learn how to navigate the system easily and quickly
  • you can view the tutorials over and over again!

2. New Settings Page

  • Settings are re-organized for better viewing and navigation
  • clear organization of your account settings
  • you can easily find the settings you want to view or edit, without the guesswork.

3. Scheduler Improvements

  • added a current time indicator on the calendar. Your view will automatically default to your current time
  • New filters for unassigned jobs, including "Unassigned Jobs in Selected Date Range", "Assigned Jobs Without Times", "All Unassigned Jobs", Unassigned Jobs without Times" and "Assigned Jobs without Times"
  • find jobs quickly, regardless of the assignment status
  • see ALL jobs on your Scheduler tab


Accounting Integration Improvements

1. QuickBooks and MYOB Online Payment Sync

  • 1-way sync of payment records from Fleetmatics WORK to your QuickBooks / MYOB Online account
  • No more double work for entering payment records in 2 systems
  • Minimize errors of manually entering your financial data
  • QuickBooks Payment Sync available to US customers
  • MYOB Online payments sync available to Australia-based customers


Mobile App Improvements

1. Add labor

  • Fieldworkers can add labor items to the Invoice (with admin permission)
  • Fieldworkers can also add new labor items to inventory for future use
  • great for Fieldworker/business owner who needs to manage labor list on the go



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