Getting Started with QuickBooks Desktop Sync

This article refers to the newest version of the QuickBooks Desktop Sync, released to some customers starting July, 2016. 

Fleetmatics WORK’s QuickBooks Desktop Sync allows you to:

  • import your customers from your QuickBooks Desktop account into Fleetmatics WORK
  • sync your Clients/Customers between WORK and QuickBooks
  • and move your Invoices and Payments from Fleetmatics WORK into QuickBooks Desktop.

NOTE: This article covers the 2016 version of WORK’s QuickBooks Desktop Sync. If you’re using an older version, please upgrade to the new QuickBooks Desktop Sync app. To check what version you have and learn how to upgrade, please visit “How to: Upgrade to the new QuickBooks Desktop Sync App”.

If you are setting up the QuickBooks Desktop Sync for the first time, there will be two main components to getting started:

  • Downloading the QuickBooks Desktop Sync app
  • Using the QuickBooks Desktop Sync Setup Wizard

I. Downloading the QuickBooks Desktop Sync App

  1. You can download the QuickBooks Desktop Sync app from your Fleetmatics WORK admin account by navigating to Settings -> Integrations -> QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: The Australian version of the download page may vary from the screenshot above

Select the ‘Download QuickBooks Sync’ button to start the download of the QuickBooks Sync installation file.



2. You’ll need to agree to the Terms and Conditions before you can Continue. Once you have agreed, and clicked on “Install”, the installation is automatically started.



3. The location where the file will be saved is automatically selected for you. If you’d like to install the app in a different location, you can click “Browse” on this page. This is an optional step.



4. Click on “Close” to exit the installation. This completes the first part of the set-up.



 II. Setting up QuickBooks Desktop Sync

 You are now ready to set up your preferences for the sync set-up. Click “Begin” to start the set-up process.


Step 1. Log in

You must log in as an active WORK Admin to proceed. (Note: Only WORK Admins will be able to complete this step. Users who are Restricted Admins will not be able to set-up the QuickBooks Desktop Sync).


Step 2. Select the Company file

Select the QuickBooks company file you would like to sync with Fleetmatics WORK.

If QuickBooks Desktop is currently running during the setup process, you will have the option to choose the Company File currently in use, or browse for a different one.

If your QuickBooks Desktop is closed during the setup process, you will be prompted to browse your system directory and select a Company File to sync.



Step 3. Authorize access

You need to authorize Fleetmatics WORK to access your QuickBooks Desktop account. This page displays the instructions on how. On the options, we recommend you choose the last one, and click “Continue”.



Step 4. Configuring your Settings

To configure your Sync Settings, there are 3 tabs on the main app screen. Below you will find all the information from each of these tabs:

Tab 1 – Sync Settings

The Sync Settings tab allows you to select what data you want to sync to QuickBooks:

Clients - this is a mandatory selection. It is automatically selected and cannot be turned off.

Invoices – This is an optional setting. You can always change your selection at a later time.

Payments – This is an optional setting. You can change your selection at a later time.


Selecting Clients

Since Clients is a required object for Invoices and Payments, the Clients checkbox will always be selected.

A ‘Use default state’ checkbox is also available and will be checked by default. if a customer record has no State included, QuickBooks Desktop Sync will automatically use the State indicated in your Fleetmatics Company Settings.

You can choose to un-check this option. However, you might encounter the following error while syncing: “The Client record has an unknown State for Country <United States>. Please add a State to the QuickBooks record or enable the 'Use default State' in the Fleetmatics Sync settings and synchronize again.”

The default State will be found in your Fleetmatics WORK Settings (Settings -> Company Details -> Settings tab -> ‘Default Client State’).


Selecting Invoice

Additional settings are displayed:

‘Send inventory items to Invoice Account’

This is a required field that displays all the Invoice accounts that you have in QuickBooks.

You will be able to select which Invoice account you would like to use from a drop down menu.

When syncing Invoice Line Items, the items will be posted to the selected Income account.

‘Send Tax Rates to QuickBooks using Vendor’ - This is an optional check box.

When enabled, Tax Rates are pushed to QuickBooks along with the Invoices.

On selecting this option, the Vendor drop down becomes active which displays all the Vendors you have setup in QuickBooks. Choose the Tax Vendor you’d like to use.

 ‘Using Job Locations’- This is an optional check box.

When enabled, Fleetmatics WORK Sites will be pushed to QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Jobs along with the Invoices.

For more information on what information is synced, check out our Help article on “What information syncs with QuickBooks Desktop Sync?”

Selecting Payments

The Payments checkbox will only become active if Invoices has been selected.     

Payments will be mapped under the Customer or the Job (if “Using Job Locations” have been enabled) in QuickBooks Desktop.

Payments will be allocated to the account already selected in your QuickBooks settings.


Tab 2 – Job Types

Job Types is an optional setting. It allows you to choose which of your Job Types from Fleetmatics WORK will match your QuickBooks Classes when syncing Invoices.

The Job Types tab will be grayed out (inactive) unless you’ve elected to sync Invoices in Sync Settings.

A list of all your Fleetmatics WORK Job Types is displayed on the left side of the page. On the right are drop down lists that will allow you to select the equivalent QuickBooks Class for each type.



On the drop down menus, you will be able to choose from:

Create New Job Class – a new QuickBooks Class will be created when syncing invoices for the job type indicated.

None - No Class will be mapped to the Invoice for the job type indicated.

<<QuickBooks Class Name>> - This Class will be mapped to the Invoice for invoices with the indicated job type.

An ‘Always create a new QuickBooks Class for each new FM WORK Job Type’ option can also be selected. When checked, QuickBooks Desktop will create a new Class when a new Job Type is also created in Fleetmatics WORK.

NOTE: The Job Types tab will not be available if you’ve disabled “Use class tracking for transactions” in your QuickBooks Desktop settings.


Tab 3 – Scheduler

Using the Scheduler tab, you can choose the interval between sync times. This is a mandatory setting. There are 2 options for scheduling sync:

“Sync data every” - You can select an interval of 1, 2 or 3 hours, where the sync will run automatically

“Sync data daily at” - You can select a 1-time daily schedule that can be set to any time of the day on the hour or on the half hour, e.g. 12:00 am, 12:30 am, 01:00 am etc.



Step 5. Onboarding

The goal of the onboarding process is to automatically transfer your existing Customers in QuickBooks to WORK, and vice-versa. The onboarding process, therefore, eliminates the need for manual exports and imports of data.

Onboarding checks your customer records in QuickBooks Desktop and your client records in Fleetmatics WORK (if there are any).

The onboarding process checks if records in one system finds a match in the other, in the case you already have the same Customer/Client in both systems

If there are no matches found, the onboarding process will create the necessary records in the correct system to make sure all records match.


Sync Complete and Set-Up Summary

Once the onboarding is finished, a completion page will display the number of client records that were synced, as well as the number of errors that occurred during the onboarding. This page will also display the information you’ve chosen to sync.



Summary tab

This summary page displays all your selections from the set-up process. You can click on any of the other tabs to make any changes to your previous selections.

Other actions that you can perform on this page:

Sync Now allows you to force a sync outside of the schedule you selected. Clicking this link will push new information or update any changes immediately

View sync history – allows you to view all the dates and times that the systems synced

View error log – will open an Excel file that will list all errors that occurred during a sync. To learn more about errors and how to troubleshoot them, see our Help article “Troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop Sync”


Re-opening QuickBooks Desktop Sync after Setup

You can exit the app by clicking on the “X” button in the corner of the window.



QuickBooks Desktop Sync will continue to run in the background, as long as it remains open in your computer’s System Tray.  To go back to your settings, simply click on this icon anytime.



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