How do I Create or Edit a Client?

This article covers how to create a new client record from the Clients tab, as well as how to add and manage information for existing records.

Client records provide information about your Clients and include things like contact information and work history. You can store all pertinent information and documents as part of a client record. 


Create  a Client

From the main Clients tab, click on the "Create a Client" button on the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Simply fill-out the necessary fields, including Client information and Billing details. In this step, all fields with an asterisk (*) are required: Client Name, Account Type, Street 1, State and Country.


If you serve commercial clients, there is also the option to expand “Contact” and “Site” sections by clicking on the "+" button by the section labels. You can also include Other Client details before clicking "Save".


Viewing and editing Client information

Once the Client has been created, you’ll be taken or back to the main Client list. This page is the page containing all information about the Client.

The top section, known as your Client Details, displays Billing Address, Contact Information and Billing Details.

Billing details will include how much the Client has been invoiced for, and what the Client has paid, thereby calculating their balance.

From this section, you can also Add Quick Note, View on Map and view the Client Code and Status.


Client record tabs

There are 5 tabs on the Client record which allows you to view and add other relevant information about your Client.

Work History shows you all history of work and communication with the Client.

In Work history, the Work Items section is a summary of the Client’s Jobs, Invoices and Quotes. For all of these sections, you’ll be able to find specific Jobs, Quotes or Invoices by using the search and filtering options. All Jobs, Invoices and Quotes are linked from this section, allowing you to open and edit their details.

In the Jobs history section, you’ll be able to add payments and create new jobs from that list.

On the Invoices history section, you’ll have the option to Preview or Send invoices, Preview or send Statements. You can also add new payments

On the Quotes history section, you can create a new Quote


Email history section shows any emails that you have sent to the client about and from the various jobs you have done for them. This can include your Job Card and Invoices and the emails that are sent when you create and dispatch a job to the client.

Call history allows you to keep track of phone calls. Simply, fill out details and click save. Though these can be assigned, they do not create notifications or alert the person that it was assigned to.



Sites and Contacts tab

This section allows you to create, view and manage Sites (ex. if the Client has more than one location where you perform work) and Contact information (ex. if the Client has a different primary contact for each site).

The Sites section allow you to view and search for sites. Custom fields will be displayed and can be viewed in detail by clicking the + button.

Contacts section will allow you to create, view and manage Contact information for the Client. 



Client information

Client information allows you to view additional information about the Client, including Custom Fields and documents.

Details displays additional fields that you can record for the Client.

Custom fields displays fields for the Client which have been created specifically for your account. 

Documents allows you to view and add documents or photos related to the Client.

Customer Portal allows you to upload a Logo for the client to see other than your company logo in the customer portal. It is also where you can select what Fieldworkers you would like your client to see in the Customer Portal.  




This section is a list of any inventory item that you have installed for your clients. These are any hardware that will require service, regular maintenance or that the client may be renting for a time.  To learn more about how to Create and manage equipment please click here.



This section allows you to view changes made to the Client record. it also displays the log in used to make the change.


To exit out of the client record, simply click on the "X" mark on the right hand corner of the screen. This action will take you back to the main Clients list.

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